Our forward-thinking approach drives us to create, innovate and reinvent the online gambling and betting experience of the future.

Our values

Here are 5 values that best reflect Betclic’s philosophy and promote a team spirit among our online communities:

Putting ourselves in the shoes of our players: listening to, understanding, supporting, entertaining and thanking them, and increasing customer loyalty.

Believing that nothing is impossible and taking risks to achieve success, even if we have to ask ourselves some tough questions along the way.

Simplifying our ways of working and interacting, always asking ourselves the right questions to find the best solutions together. Not forgetting to have fun along the way!

Being curious and attentive to everyone’s needs in order to continually learn and challenge ourselves.

Being respectful of one another, building confidence among ourselves and with our players who support us in our ambitions.

Our Philosophy

Working as a team to overcome new challenges on a daily basis

Our lifestyle

Passionate about sport and online gambling, Betclic boasts agile, talented teams driven by the desire to work together to create something great.

We love nothing more than innovating together in a bid to revolutionise the mobile gambling experience and constantly overcome new challenges!

Our employees

Like the group’s philosophy, our employees are passionate, innovative, bold and committed.

Our young and dynamic employees give the best of themselves every day in a fun and friendly workplace.

With a good amount of humour, respect, and compassion, our employees are passionate about the technical side of things, and truly love what they do.

Our offices

Betclic prides itself on its business-oriented, multicultural workplace, based on the principles of the “living office”.

Our modern, spacious offices offer high-performance work areas designed to improve employee well-being and productivity. Technology plays a major role in facilitating group work.

Our variety of individual and group areas, modular areas for informal and formal discussions and (re)creative spaces offer our teams the best possible workplace environment.

Combining comfort and design allows us to meet the needs of our employees and their daily tasks as best as possible.


Now that’s a motto to sum up Betclic!

We love sharing laid-back, enjoyable moments with one another, celebrating our successes and partying together!

Many fun events are organised throughout the year, from after-work drinks every Thursday night to events held every month, as well as summer and Christmas parties.

Employee well-being

Since our employees are our best asset, we are committed to looking after them and helping them achieve their full potential! We ensure employee well-being and a work-life balance.

We offer coffee and other hot drinks, fresh fruit, healthy snacks, alongside sports classes in our designated premises up to several times a week, while our Business and Social Council has surprises in store all year long!